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Post Op Abdominal Lipo foam Board After Liposuction BBL Post Op Supplies Avoid Skin Marks Tabla abdominal

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Brand: All About Shapewear

Color: Unique


  • WHY DO I NEED THIS POST AB BOARD? If you recently had a Liposuction or Tummy Tuck is important to maintain even pressure on your abdominal area to prevent fluid retention otherwise, it will create inflammation along with discomfort in the Lower/Upper area and slowing down your recovery time.
  • ACCOMPLISH BEST RECOVERY RESULTS: After any cosmetic abdominal procedure applying pressure and keeping it flat that area is ideal for best results so your muscle tissue adheres to your skin again, this Ab Board does all that plus adapts perfectly to your contour offering comfort during post-operative recovery
  • DESIGN FOR COMFORT: Wearing a compression garment plus the Abdominal board for a long time can be really uncomfortable That's why we designed ours out of breathable fast-drying polystyrene and universal size. It's soft enough there yet providing ideal abdominal pressure.
  • NO MARKS OR SKIN FOLDS: The last thing you want while recovering from a post aesthetic procedure is to have creases on your skin, our foam board has soft seams giving it the flexibility to bend and avoid skin marks.
  • 100% COLOMBIAN QUALITY: Our Post Op accessories are carefully designed for women and by women using high standards of Colombian materials delivering the best quality and comfort. We stand by our product with 100% "Love it or Leave it" if there is any reason you don't absolutely love our Ab Board Post Surgery simply return it for a FULL REFUND, Give us a try, it's 100% risk-free and we know you'll love it.

Details: PERFECT SUPPORT FOR YOU!: The perfect complement for your recovery after your procedure, you deserve the best and it is definitive that this excellent Colombian Made abdominal board will help your people recover and be totally comfortable all day.

We create the Post Surgery Abdominal Board to help your abdominal area eliminate accumulated fluid protecting your skin so you do not have marks on the skin during your recovery process, and this helps your abdomen protect the scarring of the BodyShaper that you are using.

We have a wide variety of Colombian Accessories for post-surgery, After Liposuction, Post Tummy Tuck Compression Garment. Bbl faja garment after surgery is the perfect complement for your Colombian girdle for daily use, use it under the girdle in the abdominal area and you will notice the difference from the first moment improving the experience of your post-surgery.

Abdominal board post-surgery, this abdominal board was specially designed for the affected abdominal area after any intervention allowing your skin to breathe easily helping to reduce swelling and heal much better. comfort for your skin, it's perfect for you!

Liposuction compression garments, after your surgery, what better than recovering with the best post-surgical accessories that help you recover your fast figure and that your muscle adheres to your skin again.

You definitely have to have it! It adjusts perfectly to our body fitting to the size of your figure generating greater comfort and above all is the perfect complement to Liposuction, back liposuction, or lipo procedure.

This anatomical form Ab Board Foam design will help in getting the skin back to the muscle, avoiding folding, fluid retention, or irritations.

COMFORT FOR YOUR SKIN, IT'S PERFECT FOR YOU! The pointed side goes facing downwards and the side that has the center raise rib goes on your back

Binding: Apparel

Item Condition: New